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The DO School Start-Up Lab – our first MOOC

4 September 2013

Open online courses have gained massive media attention in recent times, and it has been claimed by experts and philanthropists, such as Bill Gates, that they are revolutionizing higher education.

The DO School has run its unique one-year programs from the beginning, combining an intense on-Campus phase with an off-Campus phase in the Fellows’ home countries, in which they learn via an online curriculum whilst starting their ventures.

On September 3rd we are taking our expertise in supporting start-up’s through online learning and make it available to a larger audience than just our own Fellow groups.

The Experiment

MOOC’s are easy to consume. Experts often debate their maximum length aiming for good completion rates, which are always challenging to reach. The DO School MOOC aims to be fun but will also require a bit of time as it ideally goes beyond the online experience and aims to connect online learning with real action on the ground. The course is designed for people who have a concrete start-up idea, as the course supports the actual implementation of relevant first steps. The course provides resources and knowledge from inspiring leaders in the start-up community and offers insight into the learning experiences of other emerging social entrepreneurs. To this aim, the course will bring together inspiring leaders who share their experiences and secrets as well as young social entrepreneurs who have started up recently and know whats important today in the first months.

We are very excited to partner with our friends from the European MOOC platform Iversity and announce the DO School’s first MOOC, which will go live in 2014. Please check it out here

If you want to learn more about the MOOC already, register with Iversity or feel free to get in touch!

See you soon,

DO School President Florian Hoffmann

Florian Hoffmann

Florian is passionate about finding innovative solutions to solve social problems. He founded the DO School as an organization offering innovative executive programs to today's emerging entrepreneurs and leading organizations. In addition Florian regularly contributes to the ongoing discourse on innovation, education and youth unemployment through articles and talks.



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